19 Things To Know Before Dating A Sarcastic Girl

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Online dating is like making a shopping list. Youre effectively making a list of all the characteristics and features that make up your idea of the perfect person - hair colour, height, income, likes, dislikes. And the trouble with clicking all those boxes online is that we start to think theres someone out there who will actually have all those things.

So when you do meet up with someone and quite like them, theres a little voice in your head saying, his guys nice but hes not perfect. Maybe the next guy I meet will tick all the boxes. So you have one more online date and hes not completely without fault either, so you try another and another… and let me save you a whole lot of bother by telling you this straight up - there is no perfect person out there for you because theres no perfect person out there for anyone.

Believing in mr perfect is about as silly as believing christian grey really does exist. Even if you end up falling head over heels for someone and they do seem perfect at the time, when the love hormones wear off, there will be one or two areas where he wont be flawless.

We have flaws and imperfections. Believing in mr perfect is about as silly as believing christian grey really does exist.

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