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Trexler also facilitated the development of trexler park, cedar parkway, allentown municipal golf course and the trout nursery in lehigh parkway. Trexler was also responsible for the development of the trexler trust, which to this day continues to provide private funding for the maintenance and development of allentown park besr. City parks in allentown include bicentennial park seat mini stadium built for sporting events cedar creek parkway  acres, including lake muhlenberg, cedar beach and the malcolm gross memorial rose garden east side reservoir  acres irving street park, kimmets lock park  acres lehigh canal park best dating sites Shreveport lehigh parkway  acres old allentown original page  acres jordan park, south mountain reservoir  acres trexler memorial park  acres trout creek parkway rating joe daddona park  acres keck park, percy ruhe park alton park and west park.

Allentown has a humid continental climate koppen dfa using the degree isotherm. Summers are typically hot and muggy, fall and spring are best dating sites Shreveport mild, and winter is cold. Precipitation is almost uniformly distributed throughout the year. The average temperature in january is.

Scenario - you dont include the fact that youre short in your profile or overweight, extremely tall, etc. You go out on a first date with someone who doesnt want to date a short person, but your date had no idea that you were short because you didnt include it in your profile. Did you hide that fact. Did you tell yourself it doesnt matter.

Reality check - the person youre on a date with isnt going to have another date with you because they dont want to be with someone short, so you ended up wasting all that time emotionally anticipating the date, getting ready for the date, going on the actual date, traveling to and from the date. Had you included a reference to your height in your profile, you could have saved yourself a lot of time and energy. Big picture - your height or overall physical appearance has no relationship to your value as a person.

A beautiful, brad pitt like type of guy has no more value than someone far less attractive. You should say youre short in a profile so that you have the greatest chance at finding a match and not wasting your time. Put your traits out there in your profile so that the people who end up taking that first date with you know what theyre getting, and will be less likely to feel misled. A clear, I like myself way of saying youre short in a profile.

Physically, I would describe myself as insert a couple of physical characteristics and short. In terms of my personality, I would call myself insert a few personality characteristics.

If you want to use humor, you could try something like this - my hottest attribute. The fact that im short. Kidding, but hopefully thats not something thats a deal breaker for you. I tend to believe I make up for it with my amazing sense of humor.

Never, ever feel like you have to apologize for a physical trait, but also keep in mind that you will save yourself time by letting everyone know what you look like before date number one. Seth is a licensed clinical psychologist, author, psychology today blogger, and tv guest expert.

I more bonuses to keep it lighter and stick with hobbies, interests, family, etc. Continue reading this goal on a first date is not to learn the technicals.

Your goal is to figure out if you two enjoy each others company in some meaningful way. Skip the where are you from how many siblings you have whats your favorite fruit unless you have something meaningful or insightful about your life tied look here those things.

You have the rest of your life to learn the boring details. Take this first, and most exciting, opportunity to learn who the person is and what they care about. Do everything you can to ask questions they company webpage auto pilot the answer to and follow up with something profound or meaningful they thought was worth saying to you.

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There are a zillion apps to help you find friends with benefits, but what if what you really want is just regular, old fashioned new friends.

Me is a new app that launching today that designed to help you meet new people who share your interests, goals, and personality traits - also known as potential pals. It was created by julian ilson, along with cofounder emanuel petre, after he noticed that making friends after college was both difficult and time consuming.

Indeed, finding new people to hang out with can be one of the hardest things about adult life. Once youre out of the immediate social circle that best dating sites Shreveport offers, it can be a challenge to forge new connections - especially when youre always busy working.