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So when a guy that you like tells you that he just wants a friends with benefits relationship, you go ahead and accept that title.

But you deserve better than being treated like an occasional booty call, and you know it deep down. Friends with benefits seems simple enough as an idea, but in reality it hard on women. For one, women develop feelings faster than men it a biological fact see section. Second, sex is lower on the priorities list for women as compared to men. So guys get exactly what they want from a friends with benefits relationship while women get little to none of what they really want out of a relationship.

Finally, sex with no strings attached is a very risky proposition for women. It can lead to unwanted pregnancies children without dedicated fathers stds and other unfortunate situations. I discuss my own shortcoming when it comes to relationships with men in this ebook, and my full length guide let him chase you.

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My ebook friends with benefits sucks tells you the following. What men love about bitches and bad girls, and what you can learn from them see section. How some men treat women like cheap prostitutes section. Why women get silly and insecure after sex while men get bold section.

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