Casper Dating

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The presentation was everything. I was first presented with a bowl holding a small gathering of hearty ingredients chopped apples, whipped goat casper dating, pumpkin seeds, orange zest and diced butternut squash.

My server then poured the datingg soup into the bowl over the apple mix. I think this was one of the better soups I have ever had. Not only was it thick and hearty, it was perfectly spiced and rich.

I then chose the charred asparagus over arugula salad a decent sized portion of asparagus with spicy arugula, roasted onion, poached egg and pickled mustard seeds. The greens were tossed in a lemon vinaigrette, the entire salad was very light but filling. I particularly enjoyed the mustard seeds as they added an extra try this out flavor to the salad.

Either the salad or the butternut squash soup would make a satisfying casper dating on casper dating own, but together they were perfect. We were also invited to try some of the specialty cocktails that are unique to the grain menu.

The bartenders have experimented and created their own signature drinks. The datiny we tried was the smoked blueberry margarita. The key was the house made smoked jalapeno blueberry syrup and while it was wonderful in the alcoholic beverage, it was very tasty when just mixed with club soda.

The honey nut old fashioned was interesting.