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In a time pre kardashian and prereal housewives, we didnt yet know the truth behind this kind of new entertainment.  The last scene showed a sullen goodbye between two primary characters, but as the credits rolled, the camera panned out and we saw that the whole thing was a staged set. Viewers were left to dating over 50 jokes just how much of this entire go to my page was real.

All these years later, the special delivered on its promise to reveal those secrets-some of them, anyway. We learned that conrads teen vogue internship was partially rigged, her relationship with playboy brody jenner, son of caitlyn jenner, was made for tv, and dating over 50 jokes confrontation in the clubs was not forced but encouraged by producers.

Kardashian went on to have her own show, and we all know what has become of that. Heidi, meanwhile, married costar spencer pratt.  Speidi now laments to the press how they blew through nearly million. But, oddly, spencer says the only thing he regrets is not living it up more. He told the huffington post.  We should have been doing more paparazzi setups than hanging out in some dark recording studio eating in out burgers. Conrad, however, showed us a rare side of young fame and fortune last night; she showed us that shes a person who somehow remained down visit page earth and actually seemed to learn something valuable from her time on screen.

Conrad left the hills a few seasons before it concluded, and when she did, viewers went with her, a big dip from the record breaking viewership the show was used to. She was beloved by viewers, I think, because we knew she had the dating over 50 jokes to be more than just a reality star.