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What is your dream date. Which is more logical to follow your heart or your head. What was the worst age youve been so far. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why.

What is on your bucket list. What is the happiest memory from your childhood. What is your ultimate goal in life. Who has influenced you the most in your life. What is your biggest fear.

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The subject matter includes tanks, artillery, infantry fighting vehicles and soldiers in action. Inspiration…i was inspired by many artists including hans holbein the younger, jean auguste dominique ingres, yidong wang, isaac levitan, valentin serov, nikolai blokhin, john singer sargent and other similar artists.

 Blokhin, sargent and serov have inspired me with the use of expressive lines to capture movement and personality.  Levitans composition of landscape paintings and his ink landscape sketches have inspired me to create depth and draw the viewer in.  Holbein, ingres and wangs attention to detail, conciseness and rigour in their paintings and drawing have also inspired me to seek intricate detail and perfection.

I think the hardest part of painting on watercolour paper was how quickly it dried. This forced me to paint as fast as I could to prevent the ink from drying up. It was hard to blend and could leave permanent ugly marks on the paper. Because of this, it was very easy to make mistakes when painting very fast. The ideas behind each of my two artworks are similar.  My collages encompass the theme of the mundane, undervalued aspects of our lives, encouraging the viewer to take notice of the little things that surround us.

I explored different ways to give new energy to paper that would otherwise be thrown out.

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