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Can I build more than one domain name on one account is my question in short and who is a better host in your view. Using their premium or commerce plan, does each domain name have to bought under the account. I have more than one business idea that eventually will be built by me or a professional builder.

You can definitely create multiple websites under a single account with either squarespace or wix. However, if you want to upgrade your websites to premium plans, you will have to upgrade each website at a time.

For instance, with squarespace, if you want to their personal plan, and you have different websites in your squarespace account, you will have to upgrade each website one at a time. As for domain names, each website can only use one single unique domain name. So you cant share domain names across multiple websites.

I currently have a website and a number of email addresses for my business using my domain name. If I transfer my domain to godaddy I understand I can link that to squarespace.

However I am in the process of changing my email server to a company such as rackspace and want to see how that will work if my website is then with squarespace. Does that make sense or should I be moving my email into squarespace.

Squarespace doesnt give you an email address, but a website built with squarespace can be integrated datihg google business app basically your own email address with your domain name, powered by the same user interface technology as gmail.

It costs about per month and we use it ourselves too as we really like the gmail user interface and how reliable and fast webbsite is. So for us its a worthwhile investment for only a few dollars a month. Heres more information about how google app integrates with squarespace. Was wondering if anyone has actually done a test of a websites performance on different platforms. Form this, and my other blogs ive read, it seems square space has amarginal advantagefor seo rankings than wix or weebly.

But, has anyone actually compared and seen what the results are. I would like to switch my wix site to square space, but would love to know what the actual benefits would be in terms of improved rankings. Switching takes a ton of time and effort, so I need to know whatmarginal improvementmeans.

Id love to see a test - with all other things being the same same content, same meta tags, same backlinks how much would one platform increase google rankings for a website simply from having an seo optimized website builder.

I wished someone had done a click here for more info test on this too. But I think it is extremely challenging if possible templare all to keep all the ranking resolution 1 year of dating anniversary ideas first constant to webeite compare apples to apples in a controlled setting.

Seo is determined by well over different ranking factors so dating website template free almost impossible to keep all of them the same across website builders to truly get results that are relatively robust and accurate. My thought was to create a mock website, very simple, with the same content, targeted for or keywords. The only thing different would be the domain name. It would probably rank on the th page on google, but even a slight difference in the rankings from one to the other would be instructive.

In other words, create a polar bear website, just write polar bear on everything - metatags, a couple fake pages, a dating website template free tagged images - set more bonuses up on dating website template free platforms and see how each ranks.

Or, seeing what happens dating website template free someone switches from one to the other same content, moving platforms would be helpful. You might find some results with that but I dont think it will be very meaningful though.