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John snyder and henry bartholomew were employed by the supreme executive council, on this same day of the liberty bell journey, to convey money and papers of value from philadelphia to easton for protection. It is recorded these two farmers of additional hints esteem with horses and wagon of great value were entrusted with papers in case, singles speed dating sydney barrel and a large iron chest.

They made more than this one trip. On one journey from pittston, new jersey, these two men carried ammunition and books to store in safety in easton. The only he has a good point to this city came by way of germantown through bethlehem and then east to easton.

Today, a shrine and museum in the church basement, known as the liberty singles speed dating sydney museum, mark the spot where the bell was hidden. Early allentown edit.

After the turmoil of the revolution, northampton town grew slowly.

The data above includes municipal police departments. It does not include county or state departments or sheriffs offices or agencies serving special jurisdictions like schools, airports or parks. Charts showing the proportions of different racial and ethnic groups within the departments are for officers for which data were available.

Some departments had a number of officers whose race and ethnicity were unknown. Departments where the percentage whose race or ethnicity was unknown was greater singles speed dating sydney percent, as well as departments with fewer than officers, were excluded from the lists above.

On the maps, circles are placed near the location of the department; some have been offset slightly if they are obscured by circles representing other departments.

The new york times contacted police departments to see how go to this webpage racial makeup of departments has changed since the survey. Singles speed dating sydney the departments that responded, the racial makeup has remained about the same in of them. In six departments, more minorities were hired; in one department, more white officers were hired. Police department dissolved in.

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