Best Places To Hook Up In Mumbai

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Com customer service and hours later they banned my profile!. As a new member browsing profiles I have noticed rampant abuse by what seems to be spammers that post fake profiles in many cases using the exact same photo and profile text over and over again…. Look carefully and you will see all of these profiles are from. Wharden; kerie; neikoselina; moved here jilokuinsa; kiotesafina; juannolian.

Com do a ip address trace and confirm that they are in one geographic location and or from one source and block this ip address or even range of ip address if this is coming out of places such as nigeria, etc…. Com even allowed a person to post her email address straight on her username!!.

I think that makes a lot of sense. When we use godaddy as our domain name register, its true that we cant transfer the domain name within days. But at least if you can transfer the domain name out of wix to somewhere else, its an added flexibility, which I wouldnt know why they should restrict you anyway.

In any case, thanks so much for adding to this discussion. Looks like a great tool, and you gave a great review. One concern is there seems to be no self hosting option. So youre always on a shared server with no guarantee of up time or performance, etc. What happens if your site grows beyond their capabilities or expectations.

It would be great if like wordpress you could use their software with the host of your choice. Maybe that makes it too difficult to manage their own billing.

Thanks for adding to this discussion and you brought up some very valid points. One of the downsides of using a hosted website builder is that if your site gets big, or outgrows the capabilities of the website builder, you might have to find another solution but of course, this is a great problem to have as it suggests that youre growing. Most of the reputable website builders such as squarespace has solid up time and decent speed so I dont think thats a huge issue to be concerned about. Hosting your own site such as using wordpress is probably a better solution, but there are pitfalls with it too if you dont have time, financial resources or the technical know how.

I went over some of these issues in this article here. Im a wordpress developer but always interested in other platforms. I think squarespace will suit some people but is not the answer for everyone, by any means. Nevertheless I will certainly try it for some projects. It looks shiny and gives wix a run for its money; I dont see it denting wordpress seriously. Com but not those who take the trouble to look into self hosted.

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