Dating During Twin Flame Separation

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Now its your you could check here to call us. It could be the start of something amazing. Nearly two weeks after almost shutting down the internet with posts suggesting they were engaged, rapper priddy ugly and tv personality bontle modiselle have confessed to faking their engagement and subsequent wedding all for a music video.

The couple had posted several pictures over the last week and a half of their engagement, traditional wedding and white wedding, sparking a frenzy among fans. They also spoke openly about their engagement and wedding in an interview with website zkhiphani, saying that they had turned down several offers for a reality show on their romance. Speaking to tshisalive on monday, bontle admitted that the pair had only posted the snaps to promote a new music video for the dating during twin flame separation I do by musician lasauce.

Lasauce shares a record label with priddy ugly.