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Research over the past decade has been largely ahistorical. The popular press often portrays the romantic and sexual behavior among adolescents and emerging adults as different from that engaged in by previous generations, though there is little empirical foundation for such claims. In fact, teens in recent years have deferred sexual debut longer than did their counterparts in the previous decade abma et al. Such shifts highlight the need to deepen what is known about relationship processes during adolescence and emerging adulthood of earlier cohorts, such as the graying baby boomers and those who came of age in the more conservative reagan years.

Do hookups of the early st century differ from the making out of earlier generations. Are relationships progressing-to sexual involvement, coresidence, and marriage-more rapidly now than in the past. Has the function served by cohabitation changed as living together becomes a normative experience.

Without comparing behaviors over time, it is difficult to determine whether these practices represent new developments or are simply extensions or modifications of prior behaviors.

New forms of dating-speed dating, internet dating-also mandate more attention to studies that incorporate where individuals meet potential partners, how dating varies with age, and whether it then influences relationship progression, social support, marital stability, and relationship quality.

The nascent body of research on how new technologies, including internet and speed dating, shape relationship behavior suggests one fruitful avenue of study.

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