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I was on the local version of match. Com when I got hits from not one, but two gorgeous blondes from wigan not far from manchester where I live. The similarity of their profiles got my attention, so I started asking some trick questions about wigan which they completely fluffed. Go website which is supposed to be rules revisited online dating manchester alone is just full of african women.

Oh, and one new zealander who wandered in by mistake. At the time I couldnt see how anyone could run a scam via a dating website, but obviously they can and do and you can try here been for some time, so the watchword is keep both your heart and your eyes open. The russian dating scam is so pervasive on the internet today, and for good reasons.

A typical russian earns about a month at his job. So, online date scams is big business for them. Imagine this, if they get even just one person page month to send them that is about a whole years pay.

In american terms, that is like getting someone abroad youve never met to send you, just by communicating with the person via email for a few weeks. The big dating sites rules revisited online dating hypocrites. They can easily combat this scamming thing, but they wont do it because it affects their bottomline. Basically, they dont care about their users, as long as they get paid. I run a dating site myself, and these scammers cant operate effectively on it, because my system actively isolates their mail and prevents delivery.