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The worst messages tend to come from okcupid, where theres no way to choose who sends you a note. I personally received a rather interesting message from an okcupid user in  and my friend received the same one from him. As it happens, he resent the same message to me, again, just a week ago. It reads, hey, I think youre really attractive. Im not looking for anything serious right now.

So, if you find me attractive, and you want to have to a physical relationship, message me back. If youre not interested, please take this as a compliment. While some might not respond, the odds of it working means he continues to hit send. Ill get a response percent of the time, he explained, after I questioned his tactics. Five arent interested but say thank you. Two talk with me, two meet up. And with odds like that, why not keep sending the same old message, time and time again.

After all, eventually it will work… and if all youre doing is pasting, the effort necessary isnt exactly rigorous.

But for the women who are tired of receiving copy and pasted, or entirely inappropriate messages, it can be infuriating to login and see something vile in their inbox-but it only takes one person, right. Whether that means one person responding to your terrible message, or one person sending a creative, fresh note.

However, if you have a truly inappropriate message youve been itching to send, you should try your luck on nder. Below are steps you can take in order to whitelist observer. Com on your browser - for adblock.

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