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I have a trial account and have already built a small portion of a demo website and am happy with what squarespace has to offer. That being said, I just took a look at the pricing page and noticed under the custom domain features squarespace does not offer. Seeing as how squarespace offers canadian support I dont see this as a positive in terms of their commitment to canadian customers now and into the future unless they offer an alternative option im unaware of.

I did happen to reach out to them and got the following response. That is correct, squarespace does not offer. Ca domains however we do offer. If you are interested in using ca domain, then I would recommend purchasing the domain at a domain registrar such as godaddy.

We have a great general guide for mapping a domain to your squarespace website here. Our free domain names are offered when you sign up for an annual account and you can select whatever domain youd like, if available and using the endings that we offer. Let us know if you have any additional questions. Fortunately theres a workaround although a bit of a hassle and more costly.

It shows minimal effort to online dating australia best a conversation going. Anything like,hey beautiful!Orhey cutieturns me off. I dont like people commenting on my looks.

For women reading and wondering what openers turn off straight men, here are a few of their answers. Its a combination of their message and their profile. If the message is justhiand their profile isnt that engaging, I probably wont respond. Just because im a guy doesnt mean I should always check my reference to think of something interesting to say first.

I wont respond to anything that seems superficially flattering, online dating australia best a comment on my appearance. Are you seeing a pattern. Both men and women are less likely to reply to messages that read what he said low effort one word answers and openers that focus on appearance.

Next time you connect with someone, take a minute to think of a fun and engaging opener. If shes playing a sport in one of her pictures, be bold and ask when you can join her. If youre on hinge, respond to one of her profile answers with a follow up question. For example, if she answered the last meal question, ask what her favorite restaurant is to get that specific food. Yes, these openers take more creativity and effort, but the chances of you getting a response are much higher.

Finally, our survey did offer a third answer option to the question, what is your reason for not responding to someone after youve connected. That option was the least chosen, but its still worth mentioning.