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Because being a mother is a full time job. It has the worst hours and no salary. And unlike any other job where a job well done is rewarded with promotions, and more time and responsibility, motherhood is the exact opposite. When you do a good job your kids leave you they go to school and get jobs halfway across the country.

And rather than any promotions or pay raise, you simply left in the dust. When you younger the job entails wiping runny noses and tying shoes and kissing boo boos. And then it involves parent teacher conferences and french braids and dance recitals.

And then it involves slammed doors and frustrated screams and a whole lot of attitude. And then it involves letting go. Essentially watching this thing that you molded for years fly off into the world, while you stay exactly where you are. And while yes, I sure that any mother would say that it is the most rewarding job in the world, and that they can imagine what their life would be without it, it is undoubtedly incredibly taxing.

So this is an official thank you to my mom, and to all the other moms and dads. Out there who have made countless sacrifices and placed their kids before themselves every single time. We love you, we appreciate you, and we undeniably would not be the same without you. The wheels on a kitchen island dont necessarily mean that you have to also use it in other rooms as well. Theyre just as useful for moving the island around just a few inches, to make it easier for you when prepping or cooking.

When you have a small kitchen like this one placed in the corner of the living room, a portable kitchen island can be of great use. Take wherever you need it or push it away if you want to move more freely in the kitchen.

Also, it can allow you to extend the kitchen into the living room. The most wonderful thing about mobile kitchen islands on wheels is that they allow to easily reconfigure the space.

I am deciding between wix and squarespace as my website builder, and both of these offer a free domain name on sign up. If I do this and then decide to switch from their hosting after the year, can they do anything to prevent me from using that domain name on another host.

Is it best to buy the domain name outright and just connect it to the host. Thats a great question. Click here for info general, if you pay for a domain name, you keep it as it check my source yours and you can transfer it out of a registrar into another if you want to.

However, if it is given to you as a gift such as what squarespace and wix offers, that. Work differently. To be honest we dont have any experience with this specific scenario, so the best way forward is to clarify it up front with squarespace and wix. Do share your findings with us though, as this totally free messaging dating sites be helpful for all the readers as well.

Totally free messaging dating sites so much for your response, I had a look around wix and thought I would share what I have found. Currently a domain can only be transferred from wix to another domain host.

You will not be able to transfer a non wix domain that you already own to wix. Please note that you will only be able to transfer your domain days after you purchase it from wix.