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As the proportion of working age south africans has grown relative to children and the elderly, south africa has been unable to achieve a demographic dividend because persistent high unemployment and the prevalence of hiv aids have created a larger than normal dependent population. Hiv aids was also responsible for south africas average life expectancy plunging to less than years in; it has rebounded to years as of.

Hiv aids continues to be a serious public health threat, although awareness raising campaigns and the wider availability of anti retroviral drugs is stabilizing the number of new cases, enabling infected individuals to live longer, healthier lives, and reducing mother child transmissions.

Migration to south africa began in the second half of the th century when traders from the dutch east india company settled in the cape and started using slaves from south and southeast asia mainly from india but also from present day indonesia, bangladesh, sri lanka, and malaysia and southeast africa madagascar and mozambique as farm laborers and, to a lesser extent, as domestic servants.

The indian subcontinent remained the cape colonys main source of slaves in the early th century, while slaves were increasingly obtained from southeast africa in the latter part of the th century and into the th century under british rule.

After slavery was completely abolished in the british empire in south africas colonists turned to temporary african migrants and indentured labor through agreements with india and later china, countries that were anxious to export workers to alleviate domestic poverty and overpopulation.

Of the more than indentured indian laborers hired to work in natals sugar plantations between and most exercised the right as british subjects to remain permanently a small number of indian immigrants came freely as merchants.

Because of growing resentment toward indian workers, the indentured chinese workers who mined gold in transvaal between and were under more restrictive contracts and generally were forced to return to their homeland.

In the late th century and nearly the entire th century, south africas then british coloniesand dutch statesenforced selective immigration policies that welcomed assimilable white europeans as permanent residents but excluded or restricted other immigrants. Following the union of south africas passage of a law in prohibiting asian and other non white immigrants and its elimination of the indenture system in temporary african contract laborers from neighboring countries became the dominant source of labor in the burgeoning mining industries.

Others worked in agriculture and smaller numbers in manufacturing, domestic service, transportation, and construction. Throughout the th century, at least of south africas miners were foreigners; the numbers peaked at over in the late mozambique, lesotho, botswana, and swaziland were the primary sources of miners, and malawi and zimbabwe were periodic suppliers.

Under apartheid, a two gates migration policy focused on policing and deporting illegal migrants rather than on managing migration to meet south africas development needs. The exclusionary aliens control act limited labor recruitment to the highly skilled as defined by the ruling white minority, while bilateral labor agreements provided exemptions that enabled the influential mining industry and, to a lesser extent, commercial farms, to hire temporary, low paid workers from neighboring states.

Polite, provided an accurate estimate american date of birth format got our water american date of birth format on quickly. I definitely be calling him again if anything comes up. I very happy with my experience with dps, but it was not a very complicated job.

Still I want to give them props. I called and the very friendly receptionist took my info and got a return call right away on what I thought was most likely a small problem. He said he be here w in the hour and he was actually here in min.

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He is incredibly nice and punctual if not early which is greatly appreciated when your toilets are backing up.