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However, climates do not change rapidly, so this type of analysis is best for archaeological sites dating back to the last ice age. Absolute dating methods produce an actual date, usually accurate to within a few years.

This date is established independent of stratigraphy and chronology. If a date for a certain layer in an excavation can be established using an absolute dating method, other artifacts in the same layer can safely be assigned the same age.

Dendrochronology, also known as tree ring dating, is the earliest form of absolute dating. This method was first developed by the american astronomer andrew ellicott douglas at the university of arizona in the early douglas was trying to develop a correlation between climate variations and sunspot activity but archaeologists quickly recognized its usefulness as a dating tool.

The technique was first applied in the american southwest and later extended to other parts of the world. Tree ring dating is relatively simple. Trees add a new layer of cambium the layer right under the bark every year. The thickness of the layer depends on local weather and climate. In years with plenty of rain, the layer will be thick and healthy. Over the lifetime of the tree, these rings accumulate, and the rings form a record of regional variation in climate that.

Extend back hundreds of years.

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