Am I Dating Someone With Bipolar Disorder

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I texted dps about the situation while at dinner with the pops and he said, don worry, its taken care of. Later, I found he went to a hardware store, bought all the parts to replace the relief valve in case the facorty one was bad, and was at the rental by pm. He fixed it. Tenants cranked the heat to where it was overheating, causing the relief valve to activate. He turned it down, and end of problem. He replaced a faucet that was constantly leaking. There was a pit in the metal of the handle thingy which made it so wihh could not just get a new am i dating someone with bipolar disorder.

Again, he diagnosed, picked up parts, and perfectly installed it without issue or my being there. Trustworthy, unbelievably happy and nice to be around, reasonable in cost, above and beyond in service. So happy I found him. He is definitely going to be getting a lot of calls from me. Read more. Full datign plumbing and sewer drain cleaning.