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Anyone making any decent money from investing in icos. Looks like there have been some crazy returns available for those investing in icos mid. Is it a case of being too late to the party now given the sheer number of icos occurring and potential cannabilisation of available funds.

Ive put small amounts of money in to some over the past why is trump taking credit for the stock market gains why is trump taking credit for the stock market gains. I have been tasked with setting up a new desk and exploring new markets at a prop firm of ~ people.

What is a reasonable profit split in general. Can provide more details if needed. Essentially what im doing is going to be solod off. How does a finance professor from a nontarget noname school explain to his students that their futures in finance are bleak. If your a finance professor at a nontarget noname school, how do you tell the majority of your students that their futures in finance are not good because firms tend to hire the best of the best. Some students at these schools want to work for investment banks or hedge funds but the finance professo.

Net worth of private equity associates so I graduated from a target in no debt immediately joined a bb in and made the transition to pe in. My net worth today I always calculate it the first of the year is. Is this above or below average. Just wondering if anyone who has worked for goldman sachs might have any tips or tricks to get an internship there for the summer of. I am currently a sophomore, so I know they won give me one right now, just wanting to plan ahead.

Doing a masters at columbia or nyu as a canadian, as it limits networking. I considering doing a masters at columbia or nyu, my only concern is that it be very hard for me to end up staying in the us nyc afterwards given the difficulties of obtaining a visa right now and I read that one of the major benefits of the masters is the networking opportunities. I want to learn spanish and I would like to know which is the best way to learn a foreign languagebesides traveling to that country or dating a woman from that country.

Second, that sucks about the discharge pipe being illegally routed. You officially have my sympathy on that one. Third you want your discharge pipe to be at least feet away and preferably sloping down hill. With a heavy clay soil it will not absorb water very well and could datibg run back towards your house if it isn sloping down dating app australia far enough away I had to have mine extended a good feet to reach the rear of the yard.

Given the expensive proposition of dealing with a flooded basement if your sump pump fails I would recommend paying for a super reputable landscaping company to come out and install the discharge pipe and any downspout austtalia. They know how to handle your frost line issues that above my pay grade.

Our home is years old and we do not have a sump pump. Inches of rain one night dating app australia. Inches of rain the next night. This is the first time that we have had any issues with dating app australia water in our basement. It actually came up where the drain pipe is elbowed useful link a gravel pit about a foot by a foot under the bathtub. Get more are considering putting in a sump pump.