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If you build it, they will come.

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For all the talk about may december romances, statistically those are actually few and far between. What bothers me is talk like yours, which suggests hey girl, you better hurry up and find a husband fast, cause aint nobody gonna want you when youre over. And you better make damn sure youre good to him and do what he says, so he dont wander off and find a prettier, younger version of you. That viewpoint is not only insulting to women who on average, tend to age much better than men do because we do more to maintain our appearance but its insulting to guys to imply that they can just fall out of love at the drop of a hat simply because their women are no longer the young, starry eyed, innocent girls they once were.

First, I posted a government census website that showed that in of marriages had an age difference greater than years. So this vast majority of marriages you speak of is hardly a vast majority. Is it fair to say that more marriages end up with small age gaps. Sure. Does that have everything to do with age. No, because many people meet and fall in love in high school and college, where most people are within to years age difference.

The women you hang out are one small group of women compared to the million women in the your views are not shared by all of them.

Not even a vast majority. More than not, sure, I will give you that. But then, I know a lot of girls who did marry guys even less than year age difference who express great sexual interest in some older men. So as I said, just going by what the average age difference is not conclusive. Next up is your myth that women age better than men.

Sorry but there is no empirical evidence to support you belief. Maybe because you are a woman and do not look at women in a sexual light, you are more forgiving, because the simple fact is most women do not age well either. I wont go so far as to say that men age better, even though that is my perception when I look around, but I also understand that since I do not look at men in a sexual light, I might be more critical of womens looks, since I am judging them on suitability to be a mate…and rejecting the vast majority.

Lesbian cop - she and ayo are lovers, and also served together as members of the royal guard. Sympathetic murderer - she killed a predator chieftain whom no one would hold accountable and who definitely had it coming. Vigilante woman - after ayo breaks her out of prison, the two women become check this out midnight angels, protecting the wakandan people because the black panther fip In flashbacks, she killed a tribal chieftain who was sexually abusing girls in his village.

She flung a spear into his chest as his victims looked on. She and ayo discover a militant group that is kidnapping women and girls for use as sex slaves. The two women slaughter the militants and free the captives. A former member of the dora milaje and a fierce fop. She and aneka become nord dating tip top midnight angels. Her romantic moments with aneka show that she can be click page sweet off the battlefield.

After she and aneka slaughter a group of militants, she comforts a freed captive who had been sexually abused by the militants.